Key Players

Global Film Studio Inc.

Global Film Studio Inc. is a Canadian, federally incorporated, company that is in the process of becoming publicly listed. Global Film Studio exploits opportunities created by the profitable activities of Toronto Pictures Inc. and Adhara Properties Inc. related to media, retail and publishing in the USA, Canada, China, Africa and Europe. The company remains faithful to Toronto Pictures and Adhara Properties’ original niche of non violent and non graphic products. The highest product quality and the constant social and artistic commitment are mandatory. Global Film Studio invests in products that provoke thought not violence only.


Adhara Properties Inc.

Adhara Properties, Inc. is a film finance, film production and publishing Canadian private company federally incorporated in 2003. Adhara Properties has produced the critically acclaimed feature film PUNCTURED HOPE, directed by Bruno Pischiutta and Produced by Daria Trifu in Africa.

Toronto Pictures Inc.

Toronto Pictures Inc. is an independent, publicly-held (USA – OTC Symbol: TTOPF) motion picture distribution, development and marketing company. Since its founding in 1996 by Film Auteur Bruno Pischiutta, Toronto Pictures has remained faithful to its commitment of choosing nonviolent, ethical feature films that provoke thought and address topical issues of our time.

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