Global Film Studio opens to strategic partners and plans to raise US $70M from accredited investors over the next three years

Global Film Studio is a small media empire focused on expansion.

Hollywood, California — October 26, 2016 — Global Film Studio Inc. is a private Canadian corporation established in 2011 with an asset base of
US $18 million. Now, for a short time, the Company opens to new shareholders and strategic partners.

Over the years, Global Film Studio increased its asset value and grew into a small media empire. It recently created several divisions that represent the operating arms of the Company and that are clearly described in its newly updated web site.

The activities of Global Film Studio comprise of film production, media distribution, film festival organization, talent management, publishing, funding of film academies and purchase of real estate properties.

While preparing for the Company’s upcoming yearly Assembly, the Management took a look at the next three years of operation and set-up a plan of financial requirements that are necessary to fulfill Global Film Studio’s targets.

Bruno Pischiutta, Chairman of the Board, had this to say:

“The capital being raised, starting today, will be used to finance the several ongoing activities of Global Film Studio over the next three years.

It is an integral part of our plan to attract new strategic partners and shareholders who can assist us in meeting our overall goals for a long-term growth of our Company.

We have a fresh and unique approach to finance.

Every deal is different and follows distinct guidelines but, the projected ROI is exceedingly profitable. In certain instances the investors’ capital is 100% insured and, in as little as one year time, the investors may get their capital back +70% profit while, in other cases, the deal will be different but always very profitable.”

Daria Trifu, President and C.E.O., had this to add:

“The top three most profitable and in demand investment sectors today are new energy, technology and media.

With the creation of social media and digital distribution, content has become a necessary commodity of a sophisticated portfolio. For example, AT&T is now set on buying Time Warner and this is just a testament of today’s choice.

In general, proportional to their individual means, investors seek deals that also create meaningful results capable to leave a long-lasting positive footprint for generations to come. With this in mind, on a relatively small capital scale, we structured our investments and we choose the projects we undertake as a company.

A key to our success to date is the fact that Global Film Studio proudly invests in and supports socially conscious ventures in all areas of its activity.”


Global Film Studio Inc.
Operating Divisions:
Phone: +1 646-300-9232


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