(Brasov, Romania) Thursday, August 20 — The 4th edition of Brasov International Film Festival & Market has announced today its lineup during a press conference held at the Kolping Hotel in Brasov.

The press conference was opened by Daria Trifu, Festival Director, and it was presented by Festival’s Artistic Consultant Bruno Pischiutta and Actress Denisa Barvon. Canadian Film Producer Elio Dell’Unto addressed the members of the press: “I am happy to be here, in Brasov, attending the most important nonviolent film festival in the world.”

Each year, the Festival is dedicated to a theme. Brasov International Film Festival & Market 2015 is dedicated to the women of the world, their problems and the challenges they face in different countries.


The films selected to participate in the Festival have been announced and the trailers of each one of the films was screened during the press conference.

Opening and Closing the Festival, respectively, (out-of competition):

LET’S DANCE TO THE RHYTHM (India, 2015 – Feature Film, 156 min.)
Directed by Bardroy Baretto

BRASOV INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & MARKET 2013 (Canada, 2013 – Documentary, 25 min.)
Directed by Bruno Pischiutta
The feature films selected (in competition) are:

FIDDLESTICKS (Germany, 2015 – 82 min.)
Directed by Veit Helmer

NIGHTFALL IN INDIA (Spain, 2015 – 94 min.)
Directed by Chema Rodriguez

COME BACK JEETO (India, 2015 – 158 min.)
Directed by Jaswant Mintu

OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN (USA, 2015 – 82 min. – International Premiere)
Directed by Liz Hinlein

OBLIVION SEASON (Iran, 2015 – 93 min. – European Premiere)
Directed by Abbas Rafei

ESCAPES (Spain, 2015 – 88 min. – Romanian Premiere)
Directed by Mercedes Gaspar

DADDY (USA, 2015 – 63 min. – World Premiere)
Directed by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

WILDLIKE (USA, 2015 – 104 min. – Romanian Premiere)
Directed by Frank Green

THE LIFE & DEATH OF AN UNHAPPILY MARRIED MAN (USA, 2015 – 158 min. – International Premiere)
Directed by Josh Hope

The flyer of the Festival featuring the complete schedule. (in Romanian language)

This year, the annual DARIA! magazine celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. A special issue of DARIA! has been published, printed and presented to the media at the conference. The online version is available here (click on the cover to open the magazine; it requires few moments to open):

Click on the cover to open and read the magazine. It will take few moment to open as the file is large.

The Festival gives special thanks to its partners who are the Restaurant & Garden “Die Stube”, Kolping Hotel, Bella Muzica Hotel, Wigo, Oktoberfest Brasov, Toronto Pictures, Brasov Talent Agency and Global Film Studio.

About Brasov International Film Festival & Market:

Brasov International Film Festival & Market is the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world. It has been listed by the British Film Council in their ‘Festival Directory’. The Festival takes place in the beautiful resort city of Brasov located in the heart of Romania. A total of eleven films are presented each year; of these, nine films are screened in-competition and two are screened out-of-competition on the opening and closing gala nights. Each film in-competition is awarded in one of the nine Official Awards categories. In previous years, the Festival has screened films with/by Woody Allen, Nicole Kidman, Robert Redford, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman.

More information about Brasov Film Festival:

About Global Film Studio Inc.:

Global Film Studio has been federally incorporated in Canada. It is a financing, holding and film distribution company with a world spectrum.

More information about Global Film Studio:

Brasov International Film Festival & Market
USA Tel: +1-646-300-9232


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