THE BAD JOKE: A Feature Film

Times Square Feb 2014

Actress Denisa Barvon is announced as the Star of Bruno Pischiutta’s upcoming feature film, THE BAD JOKE, and she is featured on the gigantic Reuters screen in Times Square, New York City.


THE BAD JOKE is a dramatic feature film that illustrates the unhappy circumstances in which many European teenagers find themselves.

The foundation of the European Union has established parity between states with different economies and different average salaries. Many people from weaker economic systems go to work in countries that are economically more strong, looking for better wages. The recent financial crisis and the lack of employment has dramatically increased the situation.

Adults, in many cases parents, go to work abroad and leave their young children without any parental guidance at home.

At a young age, the family represents a natural protection; to have parents who are working in other countries creates a need and a major lack of help for a young person. The family crisis that is generated contributes to the uncertainty and well being in the lives of the teenagers.

This new situation exposes teenagers to temptations that could bring them off track such as alcohol, drugs, prostitution and similar non-solutions. Many of them try to solve the problems they face but that they didn’t create in wrong ways. Of course, there are different ways to react to all this; some are good, many are bad and bring about bad consequences.

THE BAD JOKE is a fruit of fiction, it is a new non graphic feature film that portrays some situations in which many adolescents and teenagers live while they face the new challenges in today’s new European Union.

“The bad joke” is what the European Union has created for many teenagers. This phenomenon is unknown in America and it is not yet fully understood in Europe. This film, for the first time, exposes the unfortunate reality of tens of thousands of European teenagers.

The Star

THE BAD JOKE is starring the young emerging Romanian actress, Denisa Barvon, who is now receiving international fame and recognition. In 2013, at the age of 16, she won the contest “The Image of Brasov Film Festival” and she was featured on the Official Poster. That year, she appeared for the first time on the giant screen of Reuters in Times Square, New York City. Later, at the age of 17, she was offered the starring role in the feature film THE BAD JOKE and she appeared once again on the Reuters screen in Times Square. In 2015, Denisa Barvon was the winner of the MMBF Rising Star Award which she has been presented with at the Brasov International Film Festival & Market. She has been contracted to star in eight upcoming motion pictures over the course of the next three years.

Denisa Barvon – Profile (Photos, Articles)

(Video) Actress Denisa Barvon

Production Details

THE BAD JOKE – Feature Film

Presented by: Toronto Pictures and Global Film Studio
Produced by: Adhara Properties
Distributed worldwide by: Global Film Studio

Language: English
Production Year / Release Year: 2016 / 2017

Filming Location: Brasov, Romania

Bruno Pischiutta
Daria Trifu

Executive Producers
Alexander Alfano
Brent Bevans McKenzie
Bruno Pischiutta
Daria Trifu

Bruno Pischiutta

Bruno Pischiutta

Production Manager
Elio Dell’Unto

Original Music Score
Jade’an Jourden

Music Producer
Margo Buccini

Music Editor
Terry Plumeri

Film Editor
Bruno Pischiutta

Denisa Barvon

Principal Cast
Andreea Dumitru
Sophia Gilberto
Keith Lopez
Andrei Neamtu
Mary Spark

THE BAD JOKE feature film has been written and it will be directed and edited by internationally acclaimed Film Author Bruno Pischiutta (THE COMOEDIA, PUNCTURED HOPE, LIFE’S CHARADE). Bruno Pischiutta is the only Italian born film director living and working in North America since the early 80s.

THE BAD JOKE is produced by Daria Trifu (PUNCTURED HOPE, MAYBE).

The movie will be shot entirely in Romania (city of Brasov) and it will be qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards®.

THE BAD JOKE is starring the young emerging Romanian actress, Denisa Barvon.

Coinciding with the production of the feature film THE BAD JOKE, there will also be produced a feature documentary entitled THE MAKING OF ‘THE BAD JOKE’.

Original Music

This film will have a great original music score composed by Maestro Jade’an Jourden. The orchestrations will be done by two excellent musicians. They are Maestro Terry Plumeri, who has conducted the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra for over a decade, and Gerardo Velez who was introduced by Jimi Hendrix as a top drummer in Woodstock in 1969. The original music score will be executed by Maestro Jade’an Jourden and his international team in Atlanta, Georgia.

Filming Location

The movie will be shot entirely in Romania (city of Brasov) where Global Film Studio, over the past five years, has developed the proper infrastructure necessary for the production of Hollywood standard, English language motion pictures at a fraction of the cost that would be required if shot anywhere else in North America.

Academy Awards®

Both the film THE BAD JOKE and the documentary THE MAKING OF ‘THE BAD JOKE’ will be qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards®. The film will be qualified in the “Best Film” category while the documentary will qualify in the “Best Documentary” category. They will be screened, out of competition, at Brasov International Film Festival & Market (the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world).

More info is available in DARIA! magazine at: Daria! Magazine 2013. In particular, you can read about Daria Trifu at page #85, about Bruno Pischiutta at page #84 and about Denisa Barvon at page #47.


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