Global Film Studio’s Social Responsibilities

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Global Film Studio believes that it has the obligation to undertake projects that create benefits for society at large. Global Film Studio also believes that by undertaking such projects and involving communities internationally, it helps its brand in maximizing the long-term profit potential of the company, therefore guaranteeing satisfaction for its shareholders.

Film Production:

Global Film Studio’s commitment to social responsibilities has been a key factor in choosing to invest in the production of nonviolent and socially conscious films and media enterprises.

Global Film Studio invests in, markets and distributes nonviolent, ethical and socially conscious entertainment in dramatic format and it remains committed to foster the production of films that raise the attention of today’s general public and world leaders on subjects and social issues of our time. In this respect, Global Film Studio will remain dedicated to funding and distributing films that donate a percentage of their profit in charity.

Film Schools and Academies:

The Company also invests in the creation of Film Schools and Film Academies that offer free training courses in all areas of production (acting, directing, screenplay writing and producing) to young and aspiring filmmakers. In 2012, Global Film Studio has financed Brasov Film Center’s International Film Workshops program. The Workshops program was so successful that it actually attracted participants from several countries such as Germany, Serbia, Russia, South Africa and even the United States.

Global Film Studio’s executive team members come from a long history of involvement and/or initiation of socially conscious enterprises. 

For example, in May of 2005, Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu have created a film training program in West Africa. They opened the ‘Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana’ and they financed it for over two years. Consequentially 150 young talented filmmakers were trained during that time and, today, the Academy continues operations and it self-sustains its costs by producing in-house films that are subsequently sold worldwide. Over 70 percent of all talent trained at the Academy are employed by producers, production companies, TV stations and radio networks in West Africa, on a constant basis. Additionally, most of these talent have been employed by and trained on set by Adhara Properties during the production of the professional, 35 mm, Hollywood standard feature film “Punctured Hope”.


When Adhara Properties first decided to shoot “Punctured Hope” in West Africa, it did so, not merely with the intent of finding an adequate site for the movie’s story line, but also with the hope of identifying a village where the Company can contribute part of the proceeds of the film in order to develop its infrastructure. This village is located on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana. Adhara Properties’ commitment to this village reaches decades into the future and represents the ongoing investment of capital and human resources. 

Defined Receipts: All cash proceeds received from the distribution and exploitation of the Picture in any, every and all markets and media, whether now known or hereafter discovered, throughout the universe, (such as but not limited to theatrical sales, TV, DVD, Blue-Ray and all ancillary sales worldwide) in excess of the aggregate cost of the Budget of the Picture (including, without limitation, all amounts recouped by and paid to Investors in accordance with the foregoing) shall be defined as “Defined Receipts.”

10% of the Profit: It refers to 10% from the Producer’s share of the profit from the Defined Receipts, after investor(s) recoup their investment and after taxes for a period of 3 (three) years from the first date of the release of the Picture.

Adhara Properties is donating 10% of the Profit of “Punctured Hope” to this village. The long-term goals include the construction of a school staffed with 

a full-time teacher, the construction of a small hospital with a full-time doctor and nurses, and the development of a utilities infrastructure enabling residents to access power and clean, safe water. Adhara Properties set this donation as an example for other film production companies in the world that could elect to follow the same system when filming on location in areas in need. This example has already been partially followed by other film companies. 

Education (Specialty Courses):

Global Film Studio also invests in the education of its talent. A recent example is the payment of a six months English language intensive Oxford System course for a young Romanian talent who is a member of the Brasov Talent Agency and an actor in two upcoming feature films of Brasov Film Center.

Global Film Studio, and the companies it invests in, are committed to:

• investing in/distributing films that donate 10% of Profit in charity;

• investing in the creation of film academies/schools/international workshops;

• investing in talent education (English language schools or other educational programs);

• investing in programs that train young film talent for free. Such programs are normally filmed generating DVD courses that are sold worldwide;

• investing in/distributing nonviolent films;

• investing in/distributing media content that is based on social issues of our time. (example: HIV/AIDS, slavery, females genital mutilation etc.).

In particular, in Romania, Global Film Studio:

• has financed the feature documentary BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD. 10% of the Profit of this film is donated to a Maternal Center for single mothers in Brasov;

• is financing a documentary about Brasov International Film Festival & Market. 10% of the Profit of this film is donated to the ‘Liceul de Arte Hans Mattis Teutsch’ in Brasov;

• is financing the feature film SUICIDE. 10% of the Profit of this film will be donated to a psychiatric center for teenagers (to be decided) in Brasov;

• pays for English Language Courses for special talents who are members of the Brasov Talent Agency and who play roles in the films productions by Brasov Film Center;

• is investing in a program to create 1,500 jobs in the next 5 years in the Transylvania area.

Internationally, Global Film Studio:

• is investing in International Film Workshops programs;

• 10% of the Profit of the feature film PUNCTURED HOPE will be donated to the village in West Africa where the film was shot;

• is investing in the creation of the Film Academy of Swaziland (the Kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa);

• is investing in film training workshops for talent in Cuba;

• is investing in the talent who are members of the Brasov Talent Agency by paying them an upfront engagement fee when they are signed with the agency.


“We want for the rights of women and children to be respected. We want to fight intellectual pollution, stupidity, racism and discrimination. We want to show that nonviolent films can be commercially viable and can contribute to achieving a better world. We want to win the fight against ignorance and bigotry. We want to use the art of film as a weapon in order to improve the viewers’ lifestyle and to advance their mentality thereby enhancing their life experience and introducing the reflection about major social problems that anguish our world today through positive thinking.

Our CAUSE is driven by high ideals and it is more important than anyone of us.

It is a new world; it is time for a new morality! It is time to put the important things first. We are working for our CAUSE through the medium of film because we are filmmakers. Film is our way of expressing ourselves and we take into consideration the fact that our films will live on after us: they will become our legacy.”

Maestro Bruno Pischiutta
Film Director, Chairman of the Board

Romanian version available at: MediaFax

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