Global Film Studio signs agreement for the distribution of 10 of its films on 3 continents

DVD Cover - THE COMOEDIA Feature Film (English Version

Brasov, Romania – November 7, 2012 – Global Film Studio Inc. has entered into a distribution agreement with the international group BeyondXtreme for the release of ten of its films on three continents: Asia, Africa and Australia. In particular, the films will be released in the following territories: China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, Northern Africa, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Botswana and Zambia. Starting in early 2013, the films will also be distributed in India, USA, Canada and South America.

The films, directed by Bruno Pischiutta and produced by Daria Trifu are part of Global Film Studio’s library. In particular, three of the movies distributed today are the feature films PUNCTURED HOPE and HYENA MOON and the feature documentary BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD. The screenplay of HYENA MOON was written by Jonathan Pienaar and edited by Bruno Pischiutta and Ana-Maria Cioflec. The films will be released in all windows such as theatrical, television, satellite TV, VOD, pay-per-view and DVD.

PUNCTURED HOPE, the feature film that was qualified for nomination consideration at the 2010 Academy Awards© and that was screened in theaters in Los Angeles for two months preceding the awards ceremony, was also nominated by The Political Film Society (Hollywood) in two categories: “Best Film Expose” and “Best Film on Human Rights” of 2009. The other films nominated in the same categories that year include AVATAR (Dir. James Cameron), THE HURT LOCKER (Dir. Kathryn Bigelow), INVICTUS (Dir. Clint Eastwood) and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (Dir. Quentin Tarantino).

(Photo) Brasov City Center – ‘Piata Sfatului’

BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD is a feature documentary about the city of Brasov (Transylvania) that is especially targeted to the foreign audience in order to extend their knowledge about the city and increase the local tourism. It is a principal target of Global Film Studio to create 1,500 jobs in Brasov in the next five years. The documentary had its successful world premiere on July 19, the opening night of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market (click HERE to read the article) and, in the next few months, it will be screened in theaters in the USA in order to qualify for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards©.

Other films directed and produced by Maestro Bruno Pischiutta that are already available on-sale from the Global Film Studio Collection include: THE COMOEDIA and LAST ENCOUNTER IN VENICE. They can be found on or via Tribeca Film Institute’s Reframe Collection at:

(Photo) Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonathan Pienaar

Global Film Studio’s next feature film production titled SUICIDE is scheduled to start principal photography in January in Brasov. The film, written and directed by Bruno Pischiutta, starring Jonathan Pienaar, with Keith Lopez, Nubia Buitrago, Denisa Debella and Tiberiu Sipos is produced by Daria Trifu. For more information about this film click HERE.

Contact information:
Brasov Film Center


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