• By Film Author Bruno Pischiutta
  • Edited by Ana-Maria Cioflec

Published in Daria! – All rights reserved.

It is a fact that the Western world is in a total financial crisis.

Director Bruno Pischiutta

It is a fact that the film industry is struggling like all the other industries and probably more because, beside the negative effect of the financial crisis, the film industry was already dealing with big changes and big problems such as adapting to the new world of the internet, the piracy and an international and national legislation completely insufficient about funding, distribution and the new market windows.

It is a fact that in the the last few years less films were produced, very many small film companies and some of the big ones, like Overture, went out of business. A lot of minor players have been eliminated and some of the major and weakest ones have been eliminated as well. Also the Hollywood Studios and most of the Western world’s film companies have reduced their production, the number of their employees and have been much more careful in taking new projects.

It is also a fact that in the past some of the biggest world’s fortunes have been created during wars and major crisis.

The above mentioned facts bag at least three questions:

  • what the film companies’ owners and CEOs should do to survive and prosper?
  • why investors should even look at the film industry as a possible field of investment?
  • will the film industry overcome this moment and have a future?

I believe that the right answers to these questions will constitute some sort of business manifesto that will drive film companies’ and executives’ actions for the next few years, until a next cycle of changes and new situations will arise. That’s why I like to contribute to solving the existing dramatic situation with my comprehensive answers; I hope it helps.

To film companies’ CEOs and owners:

Create the proper formulas and an unique approach! Understand that the situation has changed and, consequently, your previous approach is wrong and/or insufficient to succeed.

Renovate or leave; go ahead on a different way or go home. You have to change now, there is no more time: everybody is looking for the “last man standing”. It’s up to you to extend or restrict the field of your film enterprise, to tailor your action and your business on your real possibilities. Survival and profitability should be your immediate goals. Open your mind and use elasticity in your thinking! You know that recently some important, high budget motion pictures have been completely funded from product placement: take note and do something about it!

Still from Bruno Pischiutta’s feature film PUNCTURED HOPE

Feature films and motion pictures are attractive products. I know it, you know it: this is what we have done, what we are used to do. TV commercials, shorts, documentaries, however, as well as industrial and political promos, music videos, TV series and miniseries, TV specials, and many kinds of productions with different budgets and different financial results are also part of the Film Industry. Extend the field of your possibilities: also Film Festivals, Film Courses, talent Agencies could be a profitable part of your business. Film rights, literary rights, story rights, publishing rights, film libraries, film companies, film Studios, Lots and film equipment could be bought, sold, rented and optioned everyday. A big market also exists for film service facilities. Of course, we should also think to Special Effects companies and departments, Animation and 3D to see the whole landscape.

All these items are part of our industry: the field is huge and owners and CEO who want to survive and succeed have to take note and make fast and right decisions. They should be able to choose what part of their existing enterprise should be cut and in which way and field they can extend their business.

Award Certificate “Best Director” to Robert Redford – BRIFF 2012

Daria and I incorporated Global Film Studio only in August 2011, but we prepared the concept of the combination of Film & Stock for more than two years. In this time we have been very open minded and very elastic in our thinking. The concepts on which Global Film Studio stands today are close to the ones we had three years ago; they are close but are not the same. We have constantly adapted the original concepts to the reality we met. Today they are better than the original ones, and we can now bring Global Film Studio in the public trading market with much pride and with a concrete expectation of high profit. It didn’t start like this, but we created on purpose this whole favorable situation and now we are finally ready to succeed exploiting all our talent and possibilities.

To actual or future film investors:

In 1996 I incorporated Toronto Pictures with no capital. As first move the company bought an unfinished and unpaid film of another company and assumed all the related debts. In 2007 TP was a publicly traded company in USA, had a market value of US $180,000,000 and many valuable assets.

Daria Trifu and Bruno Pischiutta interviewed at the NASDAQ in New York City.

With the profit we made in TP, at the right moment, Daria and I created Global Film Studio Inc., a company without debts and without expenses. With an initial balance sheet of US $ 13,858,822.07 , Global Film Studio is made only of assets and great expectations of profitability: together with the other companies Daria and I own, Global Film Studio literally constitutes an empire with only the sky as a limit. Its concepts are proprietary and the many business formula we created for Global Film Studio are secret.

We have created the Brasov International Film festival & Market that, with its first edition in July 2012, has been unanimously judged as one of the ten best Film Festivals in the world; today there are around 1,600 Festivals. We have created the unique and very successful International Film Workshops for actors, directors, producers and writers that have been held in Brasov (Romania) in June and July 2012. We produce documentaries, feature films and TV commercials. We present our products for nomination and consideration to the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, our film collection is with the prestigious Tribeca Reframe Program and we release worldwide a number of films per year. We don’t take any sort of grants from governments or public entities and we give 10% of our profit to charitable causes.

Still from Bruno Pischiutta’s feature documentary titled BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD

We do all this with a very small team of professionals, during one of the biggest financial crisis the Western world ever lived. How do we achieve these exceptional results? We put in action revolutionary concepts, a unique approach and a few totally new, brilliant and solely ours, business formulas.

Our reality could represent a great opportunity for a few sophisticated and visionary investors. The old king is dying; there will be a new king. Who will that be? Nobody knows, we all could get very rich if we could read today tomorrow’s newspaper! Investors should have vision, should do their research and due diligence and, at the end, they should make their choice. One thing is sure: a very profitable choice is possible. A new king will soon wear the crowd…

To all Film Industry members:

Of course the film industry will overcome the present crisis. Film is a first necessity item in the western societies. It is still the cheapest form of entertainment and it is also internet and TV advertising that is essential for sales and marketing of most of the biggest companies. The industry is constantly changing and acquiring new markets. China, India, Africa… not only it will survive but it will grow constantly, it will have more and more power and it will probably be the most important element to unify the world’s countries. No matter on what screen it will be shown computer, TV or Silver Screen, every product will still need a writer, a producer, a director etc. The venue can and will be different, but we are all still necessary to create and tell the story.


Bruno Pischiutta

Chairman of Global Film Studio
Executive in charge of Brasov Talent Agency Division
USA office: (1) 646-300-9232
Skype: torontopictures

World class film author and director Bruno Pischiutta was recently nominated alongside Clint Eastwood, Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron by The Political Film Society in Hollywood. Bruno Pischiutta is a celebrity Ambassador of Humanity Healing Foundation.

About Global Film Studio Inc. (

Global Film Studio will create a minimum of 750 jobs in the film industry as well as train and launch new talent internationally. Global Film Studio has created an international film production and media investment company. The company will exploit all the opportunities created by the profitable activities of Toronto Pictures Inc., Adhara Properties Inc. and Brasov Film Center S.R.L. that are related to media, film production, retail and publishing in the USA, Canada, China, Africa and Europe. Furthermore, Global Film Studio will remain faithful to Toronto Pictures and Adhara Properties’ original niche of non violent and non graphic products. The highest product quality and the constant social and artistic commitment will be mandatory. Global Film Studio will only invest in products that provoke thought not violence.

About Toronto Pictures Inc. (

Toronto Pictures was founded by Bruno Pischiutta and incorporated in 1996 in Ontario, Canada. The company’s shares were trading in the USA on the OTC Pink Sheets since May 2007. Now, the company is undergoing a restructuring with the goal of becoming listed on the Bulletin Board.

For a long time the media has named Toronto Pictures “The Wonder Company”. This is because Toronto Pictures has three business formulas, invented by  the founder Bruno Pischiutta, very confidential and proprietary. One formula saves over 75% of the management costs, the second one saves 25% of the film production costs and the third one prefers – in the first and second stages of the company’s life – an increase of the assets and of the shares’ value to just the traditional income generated by sales.

The web site of Toronto Pictures is organized as a Social Network. The paying members are over five hundred and they are participating to the network from countries on every continent.

Toronto Pictures’ functions are extremely important in the economy of the whole group: TP develops, markets and releases (mostly in the USA) film products.

About Adhara Properties Inc.

The company deals with publishing and film production. The CEO, Daria Trifu is very well known in Romania and in the international film industry. She has important contacts, at the same time, with Romanian and US talent.

Two of the confidential and proprietary formulas of Toronto Pictures Inc. have been passed to and are actually used by Adhara Properties Inc. as well. They are the one that saves more than 75% in the management costs and the one that saves 25% of the film production costs.

Adhara Properties Inc. is the publisher of DARIA! magazine.

DARIA!  is an Arts, Entertainment & Business magazine; the only magazine that has a black cover while the actual cover is placed on the inside. The magazine is being distributed at international film festivals and special events. It is also mailed to top film executives and journalist  around the world.

DARIA!  is an incredible marketing tool to promote films, talent, festivals and any relevant idea regarding the Entertainment world because, the magazine is basically delivered directly in the hands of the most important media executives.

The ownership of completed and not yet exploited films such as PUNCTURED HOPE and of films in the making such as ABUSED IN AMERICA and of feature documentaries in the making such as FILMING AFRICA, clearly spells out terrific and different possibilities of sky-high profit for the company in the present and in the immediate future.

About Brasov Film Center S.R.L. (

Brasov is located in Transylvania, 20 minutes from the famous ‘Dracula Castle’.

The Center has provided world class workshops in English language to aspiring actors, writers, directors and producers from June 14 to July 15, 2012. The annual program will take place in 2013 in the month of August. Priority is given to Transylvanian talent. A small number of national and international talent are also welcome.

Brasov Film Center (Film Festival and Film Workshops) is a private enterprise and it is the sole investor in all ventures and activities described above and sole owner of all profits thereby generated. Brasov Film Center, its ventures and programs do not benefit in any way from any type of direct investment and/or monetary contribution from the City of Brasov.

Brasov International Film Festival & Market takes place annually in the summer. The upcoming edition will take place from August 1 to 11, 2013.

The annual Brasov International Film Festival & Market selects nonviolent feature films, of high artistic and quality content. The Festival attracts to the city world film personalities and media executives.

When the Center will be completed, it will also own:

Retail store; Talent agency; TV commercials production; Film/TV studio; Trade of intellectual properties: films, courses, screenplays, others; Film/TV distribution and releases (Romania only); Feature documentaries production; Feature film production; Editing and screening facilities; Publishing: Books, DVD, Posters, Calendars, etc. The Center will also be the headquarters of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market.

The Center is one of the major cultural and artistic centers in Romania.

The value is very high; the uniqueness speaks for itself. The International Film Festival and the Workshops will have sponsorship from many countries and, of course, the workshop sessions will be sold worldwide on the internet, as publishing rights and on DVD. There is no doubt that this will be, for many years to come, one of the most profitable media companies in Romania. D


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