Brasov Film Center and Global Film Studio on the rise

Brasov, Romania – November 5, 2012 – Film Director Bruno Pischiutta, Member of the Board of Global Film Studio Inc. and Artistic Consultant of Brasov International Film Festival & Market, has written an exceptional article about the actual situation of the film industry. The article, titled FILM INDUSTRY: CRISIS OR OPPORTUNITY?, has been published in Daria! magazine and it can be read at:

Brasov International Film Festival & Market (August 1-11, 2013) will take place in the Amphitheater of the prestigious 5-star Aro Palace Hotel.

The Festival is now accepting sponsorship from €5,000 to €250,000. Negotiations with sponsors are carried out based on new principles that put the focus on tailoring the packages on the sponsor’s needs. Sponsors are welcome to contact the Festival now if they wish to take advantage of priority placement and possible discounts. The complete Sponsors’ Package is also available upon request.

Film Submissions will be open soon; for more information, visit:

International Film Workshops (August 1-11, 2013)

The Workshops will be held in Brasov, Romania at the Amphitheater of the 5-star Aro Palace Hotel, the same location of the Film Festival. Applicants from around the world are now welcome to register by following the instructions available at:


Global Film Studio Inc. has commenced the process of becoming listed on the London GXG Markets Exchange – a part of GXG Global Exchange Group. Common shares of Global Film Studio may be subscribed for in the next few days only at €0.90 per share. The shares of the company are set to commence trading on the GXG Exchange at €3.90.


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