Brasov Film Center, Owner and Organizer of Brasov International Film Festival & Market, Ceases Partnership with the City Hall of Brasov

Brasov, Romania — October 11, 2012 — On September 28, Daria Trifu, President of Brasov Film Center s.r.l. has informed Mayor George Scripcaru, via a personal and confidential letter delivered to the City Hall to his attention, that BFC has decided to cease its partnership with the City Hall (signed as a protocol on August 5, 2011). The letter states the following:
“I assure you that the difficult choice we made has nothing to do with you personally; we were happy and proud to be your partner and we are still happy and proud to have been able to give to the city of Brasov the first edition of the Festival in 2012. As a result, the event is now qualified as one of the ten best festivals in the world and it has helped put the name of Brasov in the media of several countries.
During the first edition of the Festival, our company did everything financially, organizationally and work wise for this event. Unfortunately, the City Hall has not done anything and it has constituted the biggest obstacle to the success of this event. The people with whom the City Hall has put us in contact were and are the problem. 
The Festival and the several activities we have in Brasov are of such big cultural and financial interest that they cannot longer depend from the moods of some of the people in the City Hall.
I like to inform you that we will organize the next edition of the Festival in Brasov by ourselves and, as usual, we will try to do the best possible.
On another note, we like to inform you that the documentary we have completely financed and realized over the last two years and titled BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD has been presented to the Academy Awards. The qualifying cinema screenings will take place in New York at the Quad Cinemas from December 7 to 13 and in Los Angeles at the NoHo Laemmle Theaters from December 14 to 20, 2012. 
We want that the screenings in the USA become Romanian events: we will invite ambassadors, consuls, Romanian representatives and, of course, the USA and the Romanian media. The screenings, the documentary and the relative promotional campaign are designed to make the city of Brasov known in the United States like never before. We warmly invite you to be present at the opening gala.
We are sorry that we had to reach this conclusion. Once more, I like to reiterate the fact that our decision does not and in any way regard you personally but it’s only about some members of your entourage.”
Daria Trifu is available to talk with the media and answer the questions they may have.
Brasov Film Center

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