Brasov, Romania — August 24, 2012 — Brasov International Film Festival & Market has created a contest open only to females of any age who are resident in the Brasov area and who want to be the “FACE” of Brasov International Film Festival & Market. Participants to the contest should send to the following:

– their full legal name;

– date of birth;

– if participant is a minor, the application should be signed by a parent;

– full address;

– contact information;

– minimum six photos are necessary: two head shots; four full body shots. The photos do NOT have to be professional and have to be send by e-mail. We don’t keep paper records or printed photos.

The name of the contest’s winner will be announced to the national and international media on Thursday May 15, 2013.


The contest will have only one winner. These are the prizes:

– €1,500 (one thousand five hundred) in cash;

– the photo of the winner will be on the 2013 Festival poster;

– the winner will be presented to the media on May 15, 2013 and to the Festival’s public at the opening evening;

– to the winner will be offered a role in one of our film production;

– to the winner will be given the possibility to participate to the next year International Film Workshops;

– to the winner will be offered a contract (exclusive or not exclusive, at the winner’s choice, by the Brasov Talent Agency).

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