International Film Workshops to Commence in Brasov

Brasov, Romania — May 29, 2012 — This is a joined press release issued by Brasov City Hall and Brasov Film Center.

The International Film Workshops, organized by the City Hall of Brasov and Brasov Film Center S.R.L. and taking place at the Dramatic Theater ‘Sica Alexandrescu’ start on June 14 and will be concluded on July 29 when the students will receive their Certificate of Attendance.

Mayor George Scripcaru has accepted Brasov Film Center’s plan last Summer (August 5, 2011) and he made this program possible by providing the Dramatic Theater as the principal venue.

The International Film Workshops are the way in which Brasov Film Center will bring the creative film talent of Transylvania to an international level and will create a Transylvanian Film Industry able to compete on the world market.

The Workshops are completely free for the attendees. They are managed by Film Producer Daria Trifu and will be held by internationally awarded Film Director Bruno Pischiutta.

PUNCTURED HOPE, the latest film Produced by Ms. Trifu and Directed by Mr. Pischiutta, was nominated by the Hollywood Political Film Society as “Best Film on Human Rights” and “Best Expose” of the year alongside AVATAR (by James Cameron), INVICTUS (by Clint Eastwood), INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (by Quentin Tarantino) and a few others.

Many applications have been presented for the Workshops and only forty five have been accepted.

Twenty seven applicants are from Transylvania, seven are from Bucharest and other Romanian cities, while eleven applicants are from other countries (Canada, USA, India, Russia, Ghana, South Africa, Serbia and Germany).

The Workshops will be mostly centered on film acting, writing and directing. There are thirty five attendees for Acting, four attendees for writing and six are for directing.

The Workshops will be filmed and they will become DVDs that will be sold to filmmakers and film students worldwide

Some of the film personalities who will attend the Brasov International Film Festival & Market (July 19-29) will also address the students.

Brasov Film Center intends to employ most of the Workshops’ attendees in its present and future motion picture productions.

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