Transilvanian Film Industry Aims to International Success

Brasov, Romania — February 5, 2012 — Exceptional Opportunity for Romanian and International Talent Available Now in Brasov, Romania.

The partnership agreement signed on July 20, 2011 between Brasov City Hall and the Brasov Film Center have allowed the creation of two very important programs that are going to take place in Brasov this year: the International Film Workshops (classes start in May) and the Brasov International Film Festival & Market – inaugural edition is taking place between July 19 and 29.

Brasov Film Center – International Film Workshops (Promo)

The International Film Workshops will be held in English language and they will be free of charge. A maximum of 35 students will be admitted per year in each of the four series of workshops. Each student may submit their application (following the instructions on-line at to; they can choose to attend one of the following courses only: film acting, producing, directing or screenplay writing. There is no age limit and a good knowledge of the English language is required. The students who complete their course will receive a certificate of attendance.

It is the aim of Brasov Film Center to professionally train Transilvanian film talent, to bring them to an international level of recognition and to create a successful Transilvanian film industry. Consequently, the Transilvanian talent will have priority  in being accepted to attend the workshops and they will constitute the majority number each year. A small number of students from other Romanian areas and from foreign countries will also be admitted.

Brasov Film Center will offer to the students of its International Film Workshop courses the chance of working in production as early as they successfully complete their chosen program.

Considering the small number of talent who will be chosen each year, the selection process will be thorough. Brasov Film Center has been receiving submissions not only from Romanian talent but also international ones coming from other European countries, from India, Russia, Canada and the United States.

Film Author and International Academician Bruno Pischiutta will be the principal teacher of the International Film Workshops. He successfully held similar Workshops in Toronto, Canada, and founded film schools and film academies in Rome, Italy and in Accra, Ghana. Many years ago, in Italy, he published the first courses in film acting, directing, producing and writing that were recognized by the Italian Ministry of Entertainment.

Esteemed international film professionals will also be invited to address the students on a regular basis throughout the duration of the courses.

Throughout his career, Bruno Pischiutta wrote, directed, produced, executive produced and edited feature films, TV shows and documentaries that were widely screened in cinemas and broadcast throughout Italy and other European countries, Canada and the United States.

Maestro Pischiutta is also a published writer and he received several international Awards. He is known for his socially conscious and non violent films.

His latest feature film PUNCTURED HOPE, was screened in theaters in Los Angeles for three months during the 2009 Academy Awards season. The film was nominated by The Political Film Society (Hollywood) as ‘BEST FILM EXPOSE’ and ‘BEST FILM ON HUMAN RIGHTS’ of 2009 alongside AVATAR, THE HURT LOCKER, INVICTUS and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. This nomination qualifies Maestro Pischiutta as one of the best film directors of dramatic feature films in North America.

The International Film Workshops program is committed to training the students in different areas of film making and to provide them with on set experience both during and after the successfully complete the Workshops. In addition, the students will be participating to the organization of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market so that they will have the opportunity to meet with international film and media executives.


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